Machine Direction Orientation

Film Unwinding Unit:

  • Capable of handling up to 24 inch wide x 40 inch diameter rolls.
  • Center web guiding.
  • Unwind tension control.


Machine Direction Orientation:

  • Maximum width 24 inches.
  • Cantilever designed for ease of thread-up and observation of operation.
  • Ten roll setup; preheat / stretch / annealing.
  • Two stage stretching capabilities with brake roll and stretch roll nip points.
  • 0 to 10:1 stretch capability.
  • Four-zone hot oil heat system with heat exchangers for quick temperature changes.
  • Heat system maximum temperature of 400F.
  • Each roll individually driven with AC inverters which control speed from 0 to 100 FPM.

MDO and TDO can run as a tandem line or as separate processes.