Transverse Direction Orientation

Transverse Direction Orientation:

  • Inlet web 6 inch minimum 80 inch maximum.
  • Thirty foot oven; preheat / stretch / annealing.
  • Driven width adjustment system; set-up via operator’s touch screen.
  • Six hot air circulating fans all variable speed controlled.
  • Clean electrical convection heating system; individual heat on each hot air circulating fan.
  • Outlet web minimum 15 inch to maximum 144 inch.
  • MDO and TDO can run as a tandem line or as separate processes.
  • MAHLO QMS-12, full width gage scanner.


Edge Trim System:

  • Dual driven edge trim system.
  • Driven slit roll system.


Center Winder:

  • Narrow or wide winding capabilities; 24 inch up to 138 inch maximum.
  • Up to 40 inch diameter rolls.
  • Pneumatically operated lay-on roll.
  • Adjustable bow roll.
  • Static dissipation bar.
  • 0 to 100 FPM.
  • Tension controlled via adjustable dancer-arm system.

Electrical Control System:

  • Fully automated electrical control system with operator’s touch screen.
  • Historical data collection system for data acquisition.